The GIG A Personal & Portable Guitar Workstation

Thank you for visiting our merchant site! If you are here to make an order, you will be among the first to offer the one-of-a-kind GIG to your customers. What you will be offering is a well-designed personal guitar workstation for virtually every type of guitar.

The GIG is engineered to work three ways.
First, with your guitar secured in the GIG, it can be strapped onto your guitar case for those situations when you are on the road without a workspace. Secondly, it can be screwed into an already existing workplace for permanent use. And lastly, It can be used freestanding for the ease of moving your guitar from place to place.

The GIG is also designed to allow the guitar to be held securely in every position (face up, facedown, and on its side). And only non-reactive materials are used to keep your guitar safe.

From stringing to major repairs, Guitar players and techs will appreciate the simplicity that the GIG brings to maintaining their guitars.





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